What is the oldest stained glass?

Answer The oldest known stained glass windows in the world are a series of five early 12th century windows portraying biblical figures: David, Moses, Daniel, Jonas and Hosea. The windows, known as "Five P... Read More »

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What is the meaning of stained glass?

Stained glass has been an art form with a passionate following for centuries, but little is known about its beginnings. Through the ages, the art of stained glass has been touched and informed by g... Read More »

What is a stained glass window?

A stained glass window is a form of art in which pieces of colored glass are cut in specific shapes and arranged to form a picture. Soldered pieces of metal hold the pieces of glass together.Drawi... Read More »

What is the symbolism of stained glass windows?

Stained glass is colored glass that was historically made by adding oxides to molten glass. Copper oxide produced green, cobalt blue, and gold red glass. Artists fashion stained glass into windows ... Read More »

What shape is the Bubble Stained Glass Window?

The Bubble Stained Glass Window in Neopets is a pentagon shape. The Bubble Stained Glass Window can be found with the Shop Wizard, in the Trading Post or at the Neopian Auction House.Source:NeoItem... Read More »