How old is the oldest recorded fossil?

Answer The oldest recorded fossil is a 2.74-billion-year-old stromatolite, a layered rock of microbial mats formed by cyanobacteria, a blue-green algae. The oldest fossil of a multicellular life form is a... Read More »

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I was wondering y my camera doesnt play the sound when i watch the recorded videos i recorded wuts wrong?

You should be able to hear the sound when you play it back on ur camera. Im not sure whats wrong with it, but sometimes with my camera, my microphone is on the bottom where you usually put ur thum... Read More »

Can you burn something onto pre-recorded CD?

Who recorded"Volare"?

Written by Domenico Modugno and translated from Italian to English as "In the Blue Painted Blue," the song popularly known as "Volare" has been recorded by scores of musical artists through the yea... Read More »

How old is recorded history?

Recorded history is thought to have begun when humans first began making records of the world around them. The first records made by humans may date from 30,000 B.C. A group of humans called the Cr... Read More »