What is necessary to be a living organism?

Answer Although scientists today don't agree on a precise definition of a living organism, a classical definition said that a living organism reproduces, takes in nutrition, respires, responds to stimuli,... Read More »

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Five Characteristics of a Living Organism?

Watching a giraffe run across the African plains or a child chasing a soccer ball makes it clear that these organisms are full of life. For other organisms though, it can be difficult to ascertain ... Read More »

Is a virus a free living organism?

A free living organism is able to respond to stimuli, grow and develop and reproduce by itself. Viruses are a parasite; they invade hosts cells and use the host's DNA to reproduce, and the host's ... Read More »

Are aspen trees the largest living organism?

According to Aspen Tree Media, the largest living organism in the world is a 106-acre quaking aspen grove near Salt Lake City, Utah. The grove weighs an estimated 13.2 million lbs.Source:Aspen Tree... Read More »

What ancient Greek earth-mother is linked to the New Age view of our planet as a living organism?

Gaia Hypothesis------------------------Beyond this, however, there are greater questions to be asked pertaining to the nature of life itself. Is a planet just a lump of rock, or is it a living orga... Read More »