Is Hebrew the oldest language?

Answer Archaeologists discovered the oldest known use of Hebrew in 2005 on a stone dating back to around 1000 BCE. The Egyptian and Sumerian languages, however, have records going as far back as 3200 BCE.... Read More »

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Is English or Arabic the oldest language?

Arabic is older than English. Early Arabic records date to the fourth century B.C., and the language was well developed by the time the Prophet Muhammad spoke it in the seventh century A.D. English... Read More »

Who is the oldest man in the world?

As of May 22, 2010, Walter Breuning is the oldest man alive, at 113 years old. Breuning was born Sept. 21, 1896. The oldest person alive is a female; Eugenie Blanchard is 114 years old.Source:Geron... Read More »

What is the oldest candy bar in the world?

The world's first recognized candy bar was made by British inventor Joseph Fry in 1847. The bar was made by melting cacao butter into cocoa powder and sugar and then pressing the mixture into a mol... Read More »

What is the oldest fossil in the world?

Stromatolites are the oldest fossils on earth. Stromatolites are fossils left in rock formations by very early single-celled organisms (prokaryotic cells). The oldest stromatolites are about 3.5 bi... Read More »