On which continent have the oldest fossils been found?

Answer The oldest known fossils on Earth were found in western Australia. These stromatolites, as the fossils are known, are cyanobacteria that have been dated at 3.5 billion years old, slightly younger t... Read More »

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What continent is Armenia in?

Which continent has the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is located in Asia. The Dead Sea is actually a highly dense saltwater lake, and is situated between Jordan and Israel. The shores of the Dead Sea are the Earth's lowest dry geographica... Read More »

What continent is myanmar on?

The country of Myanmar is located on the continent of Asia, in the southeast region bordering the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Neighboring countries are Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Tha... Read More »

In what continent is Ramallah?

The Palestinian city of Ramallah is located in the West Bank in the Middle East, where it shares borders with Israel and Jordan. The West Bank territory is considered part of southwest Asia.Referen... Read More »