Home Gardener's "Bible" Any west coast gardeners ever heard of the garden "Bible" Real name of the book?

Answer THE MASTER GARDENER BIBLE was at one time "SUNSET WESTERN GARDEN BOOK". We carried one with us at all times. But times change & the MASTER GARDENERS have written a NEW TESTAMENT of their own. I ... Read More »

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What is the oldest version of the Bible?

The Codex Sinaiticus is the oldest Bible version. This Bible version was written in Greek and produced during the 4th century, containing the entire New Testament and only a portion of the Old Test... Read More »

What is the oldest copy of Revelation in the Bible?

The Chester Beaty collection located at Dublin Castle in Ireland contains a copy of at least a third of Revelation dated back to 180 A.D. Since many scholars agree that Revelation was written aroun... Read More »

What's the world's oldest book&where was it published?

The oldest known book is over 2,500 years old. It was written in Etruscan, a lost language, and was written on six 24-carat gold plates. The book was found in a tomb in the Struma River valley of B... Read More »

What is your favorite book of the Bible.?