Can someone please tell me if the beverage RED BULL is an alcoholic beverage or not?

Answer The Red Bull in the little cans is non-alcoholic.Long before the little cans there was and still is Schlitz Red Bull in considerably larger 40 oz. bottles. This type of Red Bull has alcohol.

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What was your first ever alcoholic beverage?

What's the worst alcoholic beverage you've tried?

I used to live on Jager.Now the thought makes me ill.The worst was Everclear. BAAAADDDD stuff.

What alcoholic beverage has a worm in it?

One of two varieties of worms is in a bottle of mescal, also spelled mezcal. The most common type of worm in mescal is the agave snout weevil; the other is the moth caterpillar that lives on the ag... Read More »

What was the first alcoholic beverage you ever had How old were you when you drank it?

I mixed Pimms with ribena and sprite when i was 12...its sad, yet amusing lol!! tasted good actually! x