What is the oldest age a woman can safely give birth?

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How old was the oldest woman to give birth?

A woman is no longer fertile and able to give birth after the age of 65-70.

Can a woman who has had surgery for intestinal blockage safely give birth?

On One Hand: Risks of Vaginal BirthUnfortunately, not many studies specifically address the risks of attempting a vaginal birth after a previous surgery to remove an intestinal blockage. Some physi... Read More »

How many weeks is the earliest you can safely give birth?

AnswerA term pregnancy is between 37 and 42 weeks form the start of the last period, that is 35-40 weeks from conception.The earlier a baby is born before this the more dangerous it is.Most babies ... Read More »

Who was the oldest women to give birth ever in history?

A Romanian woman named Adriana Iliescu. She was 66 or possibly 67 years old at the birth of the child. She used fertility treatments of some sort to get pregnant. There is much speculation whether ... Read More »