What is the oldest age a woman can safely give birth?

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How old was the oldest woman to give birth?

A woman is no longer fertile and able to give birth after the age of 65-70.

Can a woman who has had surgery for intestinal blockage safely give birth?

On One Hand: Risks of Vaginal BirthUnfortunately, not many studies specifically address the risks of attempting a vaginal birth after a previous surgery to remove an intestinal blockage. Some physi... Read More »

You are 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant can you give birth now safely?

A 33 week old fetus has a good chance of surviving, especially if born in a hospital with neo-natal facilities. However, it is far better if the fetus is born at full term, as the lungs have still ... Read More »

How many weeks is the earliest you can safely give birth?

AnswerA term pregnancy is between 37 and 42 weeks form the start of the last period, that is 35-40 weeks from conception.The earlier a baby is born before this the more dangerous it is.Most babies ... Read More »