What is the oil drilling process?

Answer Oil doesn't simply shoot up out of the ground, ready to use. Companies must undergo a process of finding, drilling and extracting the oil.Finding OilGeologists first find the oil. They do this by l... Read More »

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What things does cpu process in games that an Nvidia Fermi card(gtx480) cannot process?

Well the CPU handles the command lines like changing scenario's going from one seen to another, setting up scenes and generally running the game...the GPU does the graphics, shading, 3D (if it has ... Read More »

What is offshore drilling?

Offshore drilling is a type of drilling that allows oil companies to acquire fossil fuels from sea beds and in the ocean floor. This type of oil drilling creates a number of social and environmenta... Read More »

What is the definition of oil drilling?

Oil drilling is the process of extracting crude oil from the earth using a boring mechanism.Key EquipmentOil drilling is accomplished with the help of an oil rig, which is a platform-like structure... Read More »

What is geo thermal drilling?

The term "geothermal drilling" refers to the process of drilling deep into the earth's crust to find cheap and safe renewable energy. Scientists are still divided as to whether geothermal drilling ... Read More »