Dear Maury Hi how are you doing Today Maury i am doing Fine Today my name is Shelley Johnson and i have a son and his name is Dakoota Johnson Maury i need your help on get Michael Back?

Answer Yes, his contract was bought out, as reported by CNN. It is unknown the exact amount, but $40M is speculated.

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What is Richard Dean Anderson doing today and has he retired from acting?

I started going vegan today this is what i have eatting so far iam i doing a good job?

vegan is a tough one. i'm a part time vegetarian, and i eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, but not sure if these products are for vegans but i think the frozen food area of large or wel... Read More »

IPad randomly receives my iMessages, only started doing so today?

Somewhere you have gone to on the net that you had to make an account you had to of put in your.Contact info that is where it gets its start ,Of what is called spam.

Hi how are you doing today im really tired and im trying to fall asleep. any ideas?

Im good, thanks.Keep it dark, put on motzart (but stay off the computer/ipod/iphone)try (this sounds weird, but it works for me) to focus on something dark, so that everything else blends into da... Read More »