What is the official size of a NBA basketball?

Answer According to the Rule No. 1 (Court Dimensions - Equipment) of the Official Rules of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the only approved basketball for play in the NBA is manufactured by Sp... Read More »

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What is the official size&weight of a youth basketball?

Boys and girls that fall into a youth (or "biddy") league play with a junior size basketball. The official circumference of a junior basketball is between 27.25 inches and 27.75 inches. Basketballs... Read More »

How to Become a Basketball Official?

How do you become a basketball official?

What is the color of the official NBA basketball?

The official basketball of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is orange in color, with several black lines that form an eight-panel pattern on the ball. This ball was introduced by Spalding ... Read More »

How much does an official NBA basketball weigh?

The official game balls for the National basketball Association weigh 22 oz. Each has a circumference of 29.5 inches, as specified by the league. Spalding has made the official NBA ball since 1983.... Read More »