What is the official final score of a forfeited baseball game?

Answer The official score of any forfeited Major League Baseball contest is 9 to 0. At other levels of play, you can determine the final score of any forfeit by simply giving the winning team a run for ea... Read More »

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Has there ever been a game in the history of baseball that the final score was 0-0?

On Sept. 11, 1946, the Cincinnati Reds played the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field for 19 innings, with neither team scoring. The game was called because of darkness and ended in a scoreless tie. T... Read More »

When was the last time there was a tied final NFL game score?

As of May 2010, the last time an NFL game ended in a tie was Nov. 16, 2008. The game was between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals. It ended 13-13. Due to the "sudden death" overti... Read More »

In what era was baseball first recognized as an organized sport with official leagues?

Baseball was originally recognized in New York in 1857 by a governing body called the National Association of Base Ball Players. There were 16 local area clubs associated with the league. The first... Read More »

How do I obtain an official FICO score?

Go to the FICO SiteGo the official FICO website (, and click the orange button on the right, "Get FICO Score." Be aware that other credit companies offer credit scores, but their score... Read More »