What is the official currency in Ireland?

Answer The official currency of the Republic of Ireland is the euro, which it adopted in 1999 along with 11 other European countries. The euro is used interchangeably in many countries. Northern Ireland c... Read More »

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When did the dollar become official United States currency?

The dollar became the official currency of the United States in 1785. The dollar replaced the Continental currency, which was introduced by the Continental Congress in 1775 after the British impose... Read More »

Why do Australians want the Queen of England pictured on their currency?

I think they follow America now, they don't follow Britain anymore.They have the Queen because they don't have enough military to fight UK and declare independence, so if they remove the Queen, UK ... Read More »

When an Army organization wishes to establish an external official presence on the Internet they must first contact the appropriate IAM and Privacy Act official who will assess what?

An intelligence professional acting in an official capacity still must have the official mission before collecting retaining or disseminating even publicly available information about US persons?