What is the officer safety act?

Answer The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 by the federal government exempts qualified current and former law enforcement officers from state laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed handgun... Read More »

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Probation Officer Safety?

A probation officer must be in tune with her surroundings and be especially aware of officer safety issues, both in the field and at the office. Considerations like the placement of desks in an off... Read More »

What is the duty of an environmental safety officer?

Environmental safety officers generally work for a city or large department and are responsible for the research, development and implementation of various health, safety and environmental programs... Read More »

Police Officer Safety Training?

Police officers promise to serve and protect the citizens of their jurisdiction. Sometimes, public encounters can turn dangerous. It is in these instances that police officers need to have a strong... Read More »

Fire Safety Officer Training?

Fire safety officers may play several different roles within a firehouse. In many cases, they are responsible for developing and implementing safety training for fellow officers. Fire safety office... Read More »