When was the debut of the world's first cassette player (use numerical value)?

Answer 1965

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What is the numerical address of a web site?

The numerical address of a website is referred to as the IP address. Every web server on the Internet has a unique IP address that tells other computers where the web servers are located.FormatThe... Read More »

What is a Fortran numerical analysis?

A Fortran numerical analysis solves a math problem using numbers. Scientists use Fortran, a computer programming language, to develop software that acts like a real-world situation such as a rocket... Read More »

What does numerical age in geology mean?

When dating fossils, rocks or other geological specimens, the numerical age is the closest approximation of the chronological point in time when the specimen formed, and is expressed as an absolute... Read More »

What does computer numerical control mean?

Computer numerical control (CNC) is an automated program designed to administer various operations through the use of microcomputers. This automation is programmed to follow mathematical figures. T... Read More »