If some one just called me from a private number how do i get a call back number?

Answer you cant, thats why its private. durr...

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How to Make Your Mobile Phone Number Appear As a Private Number?

"Unavailable," "Blocked," and "Private" are all labels for phone numbers that are hidden. There are many benefits to not having your phone number displayed when you are calling someone, including b... Read More »

Whts the # u press b4 the dialing # so it will say private on the other line its 4 free?

dial *67, remember to push * (star) before 67, its free in my area

Is it legal to have a private phone line tapped by law enforcement?

Wiretapping is a law enforcement activity that parallels a physical search in terms of legality. Evidence gathered through wiretapping is only admissible in court if law enforcement obtains a court... Read More »

What number do i need to dial to withhold my telephone number on a BT line.?