Are there security cameras inside the movie theater , theater?

Answer No there are no cameras in the theater but we do have ushers check the theater routinely and the projectionist can see exactly whats going on from the projection window, so we can pretty much see e... Read More »

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In what city did Greek theater originate?

Greek theater originated in Athens, where followers of Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, gathered to celebrate. Different tribes danced, drank and competed in performances against each other d... Read More »

When was the New York City premiere date for the movie 'Sex and the City'?

The premiere date for the "Sex and the City" movie in NYC was May 27, 2008.

How many seats are in the Folly Theater in Kansas City?

The Folly Theater, located in Kansas City, Missouri, has a rich history. It first opened its doors to the public in 1900. The Folly Theater's auditorium has a total of 1,078 seats.Source:Folly Thea... Read More »

Musical Theater Colleges in New York City?

Musical theater has been a New York tradition since 1750, when a cast performed "The Beggar's Opera" at the Theatre on Nassau Street. Dozens of successful singers and dancers have passed through th... Read More »