Is pepperoni pizza kosher?

Answer Pepperoni pizza is not kosher. Kosher law prohibits the consumption of pork products. While some beef versions of pepperoni do exist, they would still not be kosher on a pizza. Jewish dietary law p... Read More »

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Where are some of the best places for New York style pizza in New York City?

Stromboli, off 14th Street on University place, near NYU.

Is there any kosher or halal restaurant/provision shop at Lake Geneva & Lausanne area?

Yes, there is:…

I'm visiting New York for the first time and looking for the BEST place to get a kosher BLT - any suggestions?

Kosher Bacon........interesting combo, like oil and water.......LOLI love the Carnegie Deli for a 10" tall corn beef sandwich....YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMeet me there Cookie Mon!

Chicago Pizza or New York Pizza?

Pizza period. I don't care where it's from. And to add a bit of trivia, when pizza was first introduced to America it was known as tomato pie.