What is the price of a medium pepperoni pizza from donatos, 46229 zipcode?

Answer $10.69. There is $1.00 off coupon on a medium as long as you don't order Bakery Pizza.

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What is the number to stop telemarketing calls?

The National Do Not Call Registry is run by the Federal Trade Commission. Both cell phone and land line phone numbers can be removed from the list. Call 1-888-382-1222 or register online at donotca... Read More »

How to stop someone from calling you, if you don't want to change your number?

hm, well it depends on if it's a cell phone or house phone. if it's a house phone just get it blocked. if it's a cell phone try and see if you can get it blocked. if not I got this idea from one... Read More »

When did they stop using lead in number 2 pencils?

According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, lead has not been used for writing since the Middle Ages (the 14th century or 1500s). The graphite pencil that we use now came into us... Read More »

What's the number you can call so tellemarketers stop calling you?

The Federal Trade Commission will continue to remove telephone numbers that have been disconnected and reassigned to other customers. Consumers can delete their telephone numbers from the registry ... Read More »