Where is the Dell laptop serial number?

Answer According to Dell technical support, the Dell laptop serial number, also known as the Service Tag, is a five- or seven-digit Alpha-Numeric code. It is usually found on the bottom of the laptop.Sour... Read More »

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How to Disassemble Dell Part Number XD757?

The Dell XD757 power supply is not designed to be opened. However, if you have a little electronics experience, it is possible to gain access to the inside of the sealed black box and make repairs... Read More »

How to Find the Dell Battery Part Number?

Many people trade a standard computer workstation for the portability of a laptop, but the convenience a laptop provides often relies on the strength of the battery. Laptop batteries last between 1... Read More »

What is the toll free number for Dell Computers?

Dell Computers has several 800 numbers. These include: automated order status, 800-433-9014; home and home office customer service, 800-624-9897; small businesses customer service, 800-456-3355; st... Read More »

Where is the serial number on a Dell Latitude D630?

The serial number of a Dell laptop is located on the service tag. The service tag is a white sticker affixed to the bottom of the computer. It contains the serial number and the express service cod... Read More »