What is the average salary of a hair salon manager?

Answer The average salary range for a hair salon manager with one to four years of experience is $25,683 to $39,773, according to, as of March 2010. With five to nine years of experience, the... Read More »

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Is there a hair product on the market that REALLY works for static in you hair What store can I find it in?

What hair dye works the best on fine hair?

Dyeing hair is one way to boost the appearance of fine strands. The right color can instantly transform limp, dull locks by creating the illusion of depth and texture. For fine hair, it is best to ... Read More »

Can a regular hair salon be able to dye your hair for you?

i would if you can try and avoid dyes altogether...your natural colouring is often the best. dont get me wrong many people believe they dont suit their natural colour as they feel it makes them loo... Read More »

Protein Hair Treatment in a Hair Salon?

A Brazilian keratin treatment is a procedure done in a salon that straightens all types of hair. It removes frizziness and strengthens the hair through the use of keratin, a protein naturally found... Read More »