What is steve-o cell phone number?

Answer 714-313-0624

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What company did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak begin in 1976?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer in 1976. They raised $1300 as seed capital for the company and operated out of Jobs' garage. Jobs and Wozniak manufactured 50 Apple I computers, ... Read More »

In What Year Did Steve Jobs& Steve Wozniak Form Apple Computer Company?

On April 1, 1976, Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak signed papers establishing the Apple computer company. Jobs was 21 at the time and Wozniak, 25. A third man, Ron Wayne, received 10 percent of the ... Read More »

Where is the model number on a Tecumseh 10 hp xl Murray mower engine?

The Tecumseh Formula Vertical Engine Model TVM220 includes the model number along with other pertinent information on an information panel located on the right side of the red engine casing toward ... Read More »

MJ FANS: What do you think about Murray?

I think he is a fuc*** bi***that has no heart and really jacked up personI now that he is guiltyHe is really mean*YAY STAR 4 U*Of course I know u and love u ur one of my contacts xoxoxo and I als... Read More »