Where is the IMEI number on a Motorola i835?

Answer There are two ways to find the IMEI number on a Motorola i835 cellular telephone. First, press "* # 0 6 #" on your phone’s keypad. The IMEI number displays on the screen. Alternatively, you may t... Read More »

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How Can I Get an IMEI Number for a Motorola ROKR?

An IMEI number is a mobile phone identifier and helps in the event of the phone geting lost or stolen. It is also necessary when unlocking a phone to verify that you are not attempting to unlock a ... Read More »

How to Find the Model Number of a Motorola Cable Box?

Each model of Motorola cable box is assigned a model number, used to identify the cable box. Knowing your model number is important for troubleshooting and compatibility purposes. Additionally, if... Read More »

How to Hide a Number When Text Messaging on a Motorola Razr?

The Motorola Razr is very much like other phones, especially in its features. For example, you can choose to hide your number when calling or texting another phone. In the Razr, the same option ena... Read More »

How to Add an Extension to a Phone Number for Auto Dialing With the Motorola Droid?

Do you have a contact stored in your Motorola Droid whose phone number requires an extension? If so, you can easily program your Motorola Droid to store your contact's extension and dial it at the ... Read More »