What is a Microsoft access auto number primary key for Microsoft 2003?

Answer The Microsoft Access "AutoNumber" data type is a special type of data field that automatically assigns a unique, incremental number to each new record added to a data table. It is often employed as... Read More »

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How do I email to a fax number in Microsoft Outlook?

Send an Email to a Fax NumberIn Microsoft Outlook, click "File." Then select "New" and click "Internet Fax" (in Outlook 2007) or "Fax" (in Outlook 2003). If you are sending an email to a fax number... Read More »

How to Find a Microsoft License Number?

The Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite and other Microsoft applications require a license number or product key to be entered before full functionality is available. Hacker... Read More »

How to carry a number over from 1 sheet to another on Microsoft Excel?

You did not specify which version of MS-Excel, so the following will be based upon 2003 or earlier.By default, Excel uses the "A1 Reference Style", which refers to columns with letters ("A" through... Read More »

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Calculate the Square of a Number?

Calculating exponents can be a difficult task, but Microsoft Excel will perform the calculations for you. Excel is a spreadsheet program that is part of Microsoft Office. You can use this program t... Read More »