What is the number one vegetable that tennagers like?

Answer Potatoes: chips, fries, hash browns, mashed, baked, etc.

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What is a purple vegetable that look like a potato?

There are a number of varieties of purple potatoes.

What's 1 vegetable that you will never like no matter what?

Interesting question!I would say onions, mainly red onionsOr sweet potatoEven now when I want a quick fix of onions I just microwave them or eat them raw with some mango chutney or ketchup/salsa. G... Read More »

If God wanted us to be vegetarians, would he have created a vegetable that tastes like bacon?

If you're going to make the whole "Gods Intention" argument... may I point out the fact that........The entire world as "god" created it was vegan from the get-go. Animals did not eat one another (... Read More »

What are some fruit or vegetable that start with t that are rare?