How to Become Fearless to Say Any Thing to Girl?

Answer Standing up for yourself isn't always easy. Sometimes if the person you need to stand up to is a girl, it can be hard to draw the line between being disrespectful to her and being disrespectful to ... Read More »

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Why did that girl say that thing with the breadsticks?

GUYS: what is the sexiest thing a girl can wear?

a nice simple, yet classy outfit. maybe some nice form fitting jeans (not too tight, that's nasty), and a nice top that shows just a hint of cleavage (too much looks trashy, and makes you look easy... Read More »

GUYS, what's the first thing you notice about a girl's appearance?

a hot boddy = nice a.s.s/legs boobs i dont care about as much.

Poll: Roast Lamb a Girl Thing?

Roast lamb is my favourite but all the fat has to be cut off. I just don't like eating fat. It's like trying to chew through a load of blubber and I like my teeth where they are ~ still in my mouth!