What is the Party Hotline number for Las Vegas?

Answer 920-2000

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What is the bay area party line number?

What was the number of shoes manufactured by the party in Orwell's"1984"?

There were no "definitive" numbers in the book. It is a reference to the Ministry of Truth's tendency to change reality to conform with whatever they said it was--to make their own reality, in effe... Read More »

I need ideas on what to do for a 2 yr old pre-school halloween party?

You could do mini frosted cupcakes w/ pumpkins on them and juice. Cut pumpkins out of orange construction paper and let them color on them. For the goody bags you could put bubbles, 5x7 coloring bo... Read More »

What are some candies that look like medicine for party favors or any party favor ideas for pharmacy party?

jelly beans (capsules)M&M'sskittlespoprocksrazzlesredhotsjelly candies that are drinkable or squeazable in jars or tubes