What is the highest ranked college in the nation for speech pathologists?

Answer In 2008, U.S. News and World Report ranked the University of Iowa the top graduate school for speech pathology in the U.S. The master's and the doctorate in Speech Pathology & Audiology are granted... Read More »

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Top Study Abroad College Programs in the Nation?

With the world becoming a global village, American students are more interested than ever in exploring the different cultures, languages and opportunities in foreign countries. Many colleges and un... Read More »

What is a nation administrated by another nation?

Try "mandate". It could also be a colony, or it could be a protectorate, or could be simply an invaded country depending on the context.

Which nation has the greatest number of new inventions per year?

There is no database that tracks inventions. However, the number of patents issued by different countries is used as an invention indicator. In order, Japan, South Korea and the United States lead ... Read More »

What would be some good highschool/college party advise?

erm..dont get so drunk that you can't drive home.thats all i got.