What is the most requested karaoke song?

Answer The popularity of karaoke songs seems to vary according to geographic location, with different songs being popular in different regions and countries. However, according to a 2008 article on "The T... Read More »

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If you were singing at a karaoke, what song would you perform?

I did the Joker (Steve Miller Band) with another person. Thought it would be easy. I died.Tried INXS Disappear with my daughter (with no lyrics showing). Thought I knew the words. Yes, I did, a spl... Read More »

Is there a Karaoke version of the brady bunch song - keep on?

Which chinese Karaoke song should I sing for a contest?

You are going to sing a Chinese song? "Ting mama de hua" is easier for Chinese"Zhong guo hua" is a Chinese tongue twister

What's a good karaoke song for someone with a horrible singing voice?

Sing some heavy just hav to scream anyway!ORa silent which there's only music.ORHappy Birthday to expertise required at all!