Every country has diff. time. my is, which country has the right time?

Answer 0 hour is Greenwich, England (Zulu Time, UTC ( co-ordinated universal time), GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)). It's from that point upon which the rest of the world's clocks are based by time zone offsets.

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Im looking for a good country song about family Im making a music video type thing for my mothers birthday and she likes country Any idea's for songs?

Your gonna miss this by trace adkins Voices by Chris Young

There was a hip-hop song on ESPN's college football live. It's your time it's our time it's my time get out of the way it's crunch time don't waste time. Who sings it?

Country Fans: What's your favorite country song by your favorite country artist?

.....Female.....Once A Day.....Connie Smith.........Male.....Murder On Music Row.....George Strait..........All Time.....He Stopped Loving Her Today......George Jones.....

What is the country song?