What is the biggest cash crop in America?

Answer The biggest cash crop in America is marijuana. The next two largest cash crops are corn and soybeans. Many experts attribute the amount of money made from marijuana sales to its production in small... Read More »

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Which settlement established tobacco as a major cash crop?

Tobacco became a money-making crop in America's first settlement, Jamestown. In 1612, John Rolfe, the future husband of Pocahontas, planted a strain of tobacco from Trinidad, which he later called ... Read More »

What legal cash crop can I grow in my back yard to make some extra money?

How much space do you have and where do you live?Probably the easiest things you can grow would be summer squash, winter squash, and peppers, in that order. But those are frequently available and ... Read More »

As the food crisis builds, America's largest irrigated/fertilized crop is lawn grass. How to change that?

How much cash is in America?

The US economy is estimated by the Federal Reserve to have a monetary base of $1.94 trillion. This amount refers to the total amount of cash in the hands of the public and the Federal Reserve.Sourc... Read More »