What is the origin of the name Brooklyn?

Answer The New York City borough of Brooklyn, first settled by the Dutch, takes its name from the Dutch word Breukelen, meaning "broken land." Brooklyn is located just across the East River from Manhattan... Read More »

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What is a Tree Grows in Brooklyn about?

This is probably one of the best books ever! It's about the life of a young girl, Frances, and her family. It revolves around her growing up in extreme poverty and in stressful conditions as her fa... Read More »

What bakery take foodstamps in Brooklyn ?

Why should a bakery take foodstamps? If you can't afford to pay cash, don't shop there. Foodstamps suck the taxpayer dry.

What places are hireing in manhatten or brooklyn rite now?

these are the correct spellings :hiring ... manhattan ... rightand your grammer is HORRIBLE !!....that's why you can't get a job !!

What is the mean rent cost for a 1 bedroom condominium in Brooklyn ny?

A real estate agent in Brooklyn, New York, can answer your question.