What is the number of neutrons in argon?

Answer Argon does not have a smell. It is an invisible gas, and it has no taste. Argon is non-toxic, and it was discovered by Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay and English chemist Baron John Willian Str... Read More »

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How many neutrons does argon have?

Argon is the atom with the symbol Ar on the periodic table. It is one of the noble gases of the periodic table. Its atomic number is 40, and it has 22 Chemistry: Ele... Read More »

How many protons&neutrons does argon have?

The element argon (Ar) has 18 protons in its nucleus, indicated by its atomic number of 18. The three natural isotopes of argon have 18 neutrons (Ar-36), 20 neutrons (Ar-38) and 22 neutrons (Ar-40)... Read More »

How many electrons&neutrons does argon have?

Argon is a noble gas element on the periodic table with an atomic number of 18, indicating 18 protons in the nucleus and, in the neutral state, 18 electrons surrounding the nucleus. Three isotopes ... Read More »

What is the number of neutrons in beryllium?

Whereas the number of protons and electrons in the atoms of a given element are constant, the number of neutrons can vary. Beryllium (Be) exhibits three naturally occurring isotopes: Be-10, Be-9 an... Read More »