What is the number of degrees in a straight line?

Answer There are 180 degrees in a straight line. Two angles that share a common arm are called adjacent angles. Adjacent angles that add up to 180 degrees are called supplementary angles. Like a straight ... Read More »

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What is straight line braking?

Braking while going straight ahead; not on a curve. It is so much easier with anti-lock braking.

What is the advantage of MACRS over straight line depreciation?

MACRS is better because it allows you to take bigger deductions in the early years of the project which is a time value benefit.

What number do i need to dial to withhold my telephone number on a BT line.?

Painting the wall next to the ceiling, how can you achieve a straight line what is the best method to use?

take some tape and put it on the ceiling over the part u wanna paint get exactly close to the wall that way when u hit the ceiling you ll hit the tape instead