What is the number for you tube to get someone to film you?

Answer Hollywood. That is 465 599 663YouTube don't go looking for "STARS", Bright Lights are unleashed upon YouTube by people that have mates with camcorders ....or the REAL Ambitious Machiavellian offspr... Read More »

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You tube not working , when I open any video in you tube , although the you tube page opens, but the part?

Yeah that happens sometimes with me too just reload/refresh the page!

How do you email someone on you tube?

You can use YouTube to send private messages and comments to other YouTube users. To do so: •Log in to your YouTube account. •Visit the Channel of the person you with to send a private message ... Read More »

Can someone recommend a vacuum-tube CD player?

Hi.The other posters seem surprised that there are valve CD Players. They have been around for some time.The Shenda Audio Vacuum Tube Reference CD Player SD 100. is a very good machine. They are pa... Read More »

What are some good film camera's for someone thats taking photography ?

Buy a Canon EOS Rebel film camera. Then you can use the lenses from your DSLR. You can sell the film camera later or you might just decide to keep it as a back-up.