What is the xbox support number?

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How many controllers can the Xbox 360 support?

The Xbox 360 supports up to four controllers. One controller is included with each Xbox 360, and you can purchase additional controllers separately. Controllers come in standard light gray, black a... Read More »

Does the Xbox 360 HD DVD player support 1080p?

The HD DVD player function of the Xbox 360 can output a 1080p video signal over a VGA or HDMI connection, but only a 1080i signal when using component video cables. You'll need a TV that can displa... Read More »

How to Call Xbox 360 Tech Support?

How to call Xbox tech support.

What Type of Videos Does XBox Support?

In addition to being a gaming machine, the Xbox 360 has other media options such as the ability to play music and movies. Videos can be watched from an external hard drive, streamed through Windows... Read More »