Cheap Motels in Vernal, Utah?

Answer Vernal, Utah offers a variety of attractions for visitors. The nearby Dinosaur National Monument provides an educational opportunity for people of all ages. For outdoor enthusiasts, Flaming Gorge N... Read More »

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What is the date of the vernal equinox?

Because the northern and southern hemispheres have seasonal differences, they also have different vernal (spring) and autumnal (fall) equinoxes. On March 20 or 21 each year, the northern hemisphere... Read More »

In what constellation is the vernal equinox?

The vernal equinox occurs every year around March 20. During the vernal equinox, the sun is up for exactly 12 hours, down for exactly 12 hours, and is exactly above the equator at noon. The constel... Read More »

What is the earliest date of the vernal equinox?

According to the figures printed in Jean Meeus' Astronomical Tables of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, the earliest recorded vernal equinox occurred at 3:03 p.m. Universal Time (formerly Greenwich Mean... Read More »

What was the date of the vernal equinox in 1949?

In 1949 the vernal equinox took place on Sunday, March 20. The vernal equinox, as described by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, "marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere" and occur... Read More »