What is the customer service hotline number for touch mobile network?

Answer 808

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Can I port a Virgin Mobile number over to Boost Mobile?

The FCC allows mobile subscribers to port their numbers to a new provider. This includes Virgin Mobile customers who want to switch to Boost Mobile. This can be done as long as the customer stays i... Read More »

Can I use wifi without virgin Mobile service?

Go through your settings and go to wifi, wireless networks, or whatever, scan for wifi access points and click on one you recognize, log in and boom, free phone internet. but no, no free texting. s... Read More »

Will non virgin mobile phones work with virgin mobile?

Non-Virgin Mobile phones can't be used on Virgin Mobile, because of the carrier's cellular technology. Virgin Mobile uses Sprint's wireless network, and phones on the network use the CDMA standard.... Read More »

Can I reactivate an old virgin mobile number?

Depends on if they've issued it to someone else already.