Differences Among Patrons in a Public Library vs. a School Library?

Answer There is a lot of discussion among librarians about the differences among different types of libraries. Ultimately, it seems that the differences among the various types of libraries have less to ... Read More »

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Can u use a public library's printer without a library card?

You only need a card to borrow so go ahead and use the printer.- Dominic

How do I find a branch library that has wireless Internet access?

All Branches have free high speed wireless Internet access. Please  click here  for information.

What is the main job of the executive branch?

The U.S. government has three branches: legislative, judicial and executive. Congress is the legislative branch that makes the laws and the Supreme Court is the judicial branch that upholds them. T... Read More »

Can I put 250 amps of branch circuits on a 200-amp main breaker?

There is no maximum number of secondary (branch circuit) breakers that can be installed in an electrical system. The secondary circuit breakers only protect the wiring of the individual branch circ... Read More »