Kiss FM vs Capital FM. Which radio station is better?

Answer I probably listen to Capital FM more than I do kiss, mainly because my family tend to listen to it. But, I do get what you mean about them playing the same songs over and I over agin, and at night ... Read More »

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How to Be Caller Number 10 to a Radio Station?

All the time, radios are like "caller number 10(or 100 or whatever number your radio station uses) wins tickets to the concert!!!" or something like that... and you seem to never make it. While it'... Read More »

What is Ricky smiley radio station number?

It is on 55 stations. Without your city you will have to look here:…ℬ ℋ

What is the station number for michael Jackson City Radio?

Why did WIND radio station in Chicago drop Michael Savage radio talk show?

WIND radio station in Chicago dropped The Michael Savage Show for the same reason it dropped Bill Bennett's morning talk show: they are too conservative and the station was afraid they would limit ... Read More »