Abercrombie mall shopper people, I mean this in the nicest way possible?

Answer i guess i go to "those stores" and i don't look down on people that don't wear themi don't believe a persons social standing is ranked by there financial standing

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Who loves shopping at the mall my mom thinks the mall is ridiculas?

walking around the Mall is fungetting jammed with the crowds is notwe also have a teen fight problem here at a local Mall so there is a curfew time in placeI also think the older you get .. the les... Read More »

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I need help with photohop. How do I add other people into the picture?

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Why do wikipedia entries about people never have the picture?

Somewhat. They need copyright-free pictures so that anyone could copy them without running into a lawsuit.They will consider fair-use images only if it is an image of a dead person. Otherwise, insi... Read More »