How to Find the Number of Faces on a Pentagon?

Answer In mathematics, it is common knowledge that a two-dimensional pentagon contains only five faces. However, some students may find it more difficult to determine the number of faces for three-dimensi... Read More »

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Why is the pentagon the shape of a pentagon not any outer shape in Washington DC?

The building plans was made for another site where it had to have that shape to maximize the use of the land. The building site was changed but the plans kept the old way since it was early war tim... Read More »

What does the pentagon look like?

it look like a big huge ginormous pentagon shaped building stupid its in the name

Where is The Pentagon Building?

Arlington, Virginia The Pentagon is located on army navy drive and fern street in Washington d.c. The Pentagon building is located in Arlington, Virginia, (just across the Potomac river from Washi... Read More »

Who is in control of the pentagon?

Contact the Department of Environmental Quality or the California Environmental Protection Agency and request a FOIA release on emissions from farms and orchards in the down wind area where you live.