What is the origin of Ritz Crackers?

Answer According to Corinne Cook in a July 2009 article for The Advocate, Nabisco introduced Ritz Crackers in 1934. The name "Ritz" was chosen to conjure up images of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Boston, Mas... Read More »

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What to wear for dinner at The Ritz?

A short (not long) cocktail-type dress is appropriate--something you might wear to a homecoming, not a prom. Or to church--it's never inappropriate to dress up for dinner at a restaurant with a dre... Read More »

What coffee does the Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico serve?

The Ritz Carlton Hotel, an upscale chain hotel, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, serves "Courtesy Products" brand coffee in its guestrooms, according to a San Juan Ritz Carlton reservation representative... Read More »

What episode of Season 4 of RuPauls Drag Race did Dida Ritz call her Mom via webcam?

I've never watch this show. But if it was the finale episode it would have been episode 49…

Who wrote"Puttin'on the Ritz"?

Irving Berlin was a Russian-born, American-raised composer and songwriter. He wrote many songs for films and television, including the song "Puttin' on the Ritz," which he wrote for the film "Putti... Read More »