What is the mission number of the last space shuttle mission?

Answer STS-135

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What was daily life like on a California mission?

From 1769 to 1823, Spanish missions were built in what would become the state of California. Each was surrounded by walls, generally shaped in a quadrangle, to keep would-be attackers out. But bust... Read More »

The airforce installation emergency management program has three primary mission the first mission is a save live what is another primary mission?

What year was the first orange grove in California planted at the Mission San Gabriel?

The first orange grove in California was planted in 1804 at the Mission San Gabriel. According to the Highland Area Historical Society in Highland, California, the "orchards thrived in the warm San... Read More »

California Mission Projects?

Fourth-graders in California must complete a project in which they learn about and reonstruct one of California's missions. There are 21 missions altogether, starting with the first--founded in 176... Read More »