What size cabinet fits this Ikea sink?

Answer No, a 48 cabinet is too long and will extend beyond the counter top. And there would be only a fraction of an inch overhang in the front, which might look odd. Also, that very strange plumbing arr... Read More »

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Would you recommend IKEA floor lamps What do you think of this one?

A recommendation would depend upon your expectations but if you are looking for an inexpensive task or utility lamp with focused directed light then this may accomplish that goal. But if you need g... Read More »

What are some other good furniture shops (besides antiques) like Ikea in England?

You think Ikea is a *good* furniture shop...?My vote would go to Bombay Co., but in these economically trying times, they have unfortunately folded.

I have bought some cardboard boxes from IKEA and they stink. What can I do to get rid of the smell?

Probably the smell is due to bacterial or fungal organisms. Ensure they are bone dry and use an anti fungal / anti bacterial agent on them if you really must keep them. Using other things will ... Read More »

What do you mean by IKEA and what are they?

Its a huge store where they sell different items for home. If you ever go there make sure you have time because their store is so easy to get lost in.