Discount Hotels in Layton, Utah?

Answer Layton is located about 25 miles north of Salt Lake City in Davis County, Utah. Named for Mormon bishop Christopher Layton, the city is home to 15 recreational parks, where visitors can hike, natur... Read More »

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How Do I Know What My Games Are Worth at Gamestop?

Trading in your used video games at GameStop is a good way to get some money back for a game you've stopped playing. GameStop doesn't list the current trade-in values for games on its website, whic... Read More »

How much will GameStop give you for a Nintendo DS?

On One Hand: Model Sets the PriceGameStop is an international retailer selling new and used video games, video game consoles and accessories. As of April 2010, GameStop buys used Nintendo DS XL con... Read More »

Will GameStop buy my iPod 4g if I don have a charger?

yeah they might pay less but i know they have spares

When did the store GameStop start?

GameStop started out as a small software store called Babbage's in Dallas, Texas. Through many different company mergers and then a name change, it became GameStop at the end of 2000.Source:Gamesto... Read More »