Is Discover Bank connected to the Discover Card?

Answer Yes, both Discover Bank and Discover Card are offerings of Discover Financial Services. The company has offered credit cards since 1986 and also owns both PULSE and Diners Club, two additional paym... Read More »

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What type of credit is needed for a Discover card?

Discover card is a conservative lender and often requires potential cardholders to have excellent or good credit; however, the company also offers student cards to students with limited credit his... Read More »

What is the minimum payment for a Discover credit card?

As of September 2009, the minimum monthly payment for a Discover credit card was 2 percent of the new balance or $40, whichever is greater. The minimum monthly payment may also factor in any curren... Read More »

What percentage does Discover charge companies to use their credit card services?

As of April 2010, the Discover company usually charges businesses that accept its credit card for payment $1.64 per $100 transaction. A $500 transaction can cost a merchant $8.04.Source:The North C... Read More »

Can you use a Discover card in England?

Discover Cards are not accepted in England or the rest of Europe. As of May 2010, Discover Cards can be used in Mexico, Canada and China as well as throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Som... Read More »