Can you call an 800 number in the US from Ireland And if so what number should i prefix the original number w?

Answer From Ireland you can dial the US 800 number through AT&T Direct. Dial the AT&T code (1-800-550-000) followed by the US 800 number. So if the US number is 800-930-6260 then you dial:1-800-550-000 ... Read More »

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What is the Phoenix Theatre?

Arizona's Phoenix Theatre is located just north of Interstate 10 in the heart of the city. Beyond productions, the facilities are used as a center for many community activities and educational pur... Read More »

What does a phoenix represent?

The phoenix is a mythical creature said to die in the flames of a self-made fire, and is reborn from that fire's ashes. It is a universally recognized symbol of the sun, and is said to represent th... Read More »

What does the phoenix represent?

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, hope, faith, eternity, constancy and immortality. It is also associated with resurrection, triumph over adversity and that which rises out of the ashes.Reference... Read More »

What is the pH of the water in Phoenix, Arizona?

According to the 2009 Water Quality Report published by the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, the lowest detected level of pH in water was 6.9 and the highest was 9.0. Recommended secondar... Read More »