What does the star and shield represent on the CIA shield?

Answer Peace, Liberty, Safety

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American phones have three letters per number on the number pad. What do the Chinese do?

they will certainly have local language(japanese, chinese,korean) over the number keys...if you buy in those countries..

What number do you put in front of an American phone number if you're phoning from the uk?…To ring California we type 00 (USA) 1 760(region code) seven digit number. Hope that helps :D

Can I transfer my home number to a cell number?

Yes. According to the Local Number Portability rules of the Federal Communications Commission, you can transfer your home phone number or any other land line number to a wireless phone service. Yo... Read More »

What is the number of American Catholics?

As of 2006, there are 67,515,016 members of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, according to the Association of Religion Data Archives. There are just under 3,000 members in the Christ ... Read More »