Breakfast Restaurants in Burnsville, Minnesota?

Answer Burnsville, Minnesota, located near the Minnesota River and just 15 miles away from downtown Minneapolis, is part of the southernmost portion of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This area of the coun... Read More »

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Difference Between a Tanning Salon & a Beauty Salon?

With nail salons that do facials, and hair salons that do nails, it's hard to know where to go to get your hair cut or your skin tanned. Most beauty salons offer a variety of services including hai... Read More »

Can you call an 800 number in the US from Ireland And if so what number should i prefix the original number w?

From Ireland you can dial the US 800 number through AT&T Direct. Dial the AT&T code (1-800-550-000) followed by the US 800 number. So if the US number is 800-930-6260 then you dial:1-800-550-000 ... Read More »

What to Expect on the First Day of the Job in a Salon?

There's something about beauty and pampering that can make a salon job very glamorous. As an employee, it takes a lot to keep a salon running. On the first day of the job, expect to become acquaint... Read More »

What Are the Startup Costs for a Tanning Salon?

The startup costs for a tanning salon range widely based on the location and size of the business, among other factors. For instance, the Anytime Fitness franchise estimated total tanning salon sta... Read More »